Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants For Sale

Grow Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants

The beauty of growing cold hardy bamboo plants is that they are cold hardy and hold their leaves all winter long. We specialize in Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants For Sale that will grow and thrive in the Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. As I have customers who grow my plants there. And they keep me updated on a regular basis. I live in Northern Kentucky about 15 south of Cincinnati, Ohio. Which is currently a zone 6. But I also have another place where I grow cold hardy bamboo plants that is in Bethel, Ohio. So I understand how bamboo grows in Ohio. In Cincinnati most trees will not hold their leaves and they can only provide you partial screening. Because they have to stay spaced apart. And in the winter there’s no leaves so no privacy in the winter. Cold hardy bamboo plants will fill in all of your open areas in your privacy screen. Cold hardy bamboo plants will become so thick you’ll be amazed. You can trim it like a hedge or let it go wild and get canes over 30 ft tall and up to 3 inches in diameter. At least that’s what I’m told. I have quite a few years for most of these cold hardy bamboo plants before I know for sure. But I have 3 different species that are getting close. There are many different uses for cold hardy bamboo plants. Thousands upon thousands of uses. But I’m saving that for my e-book.

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants For Sale Winter Time

Always check a cold hardy bamboo plants hardiness before buying. Make sure that it can withstand your temperatures. Chances are that if its being grown outdoors in the ground its hardy enough. There is nothing special to do to these cold hardy bamboo plants during the winter. A good layer of mulch sure won’t hurt though. That is assuming they are planted in the ground. Bamboo in a pot will freeze without protection. In the ground it just lies dormant for the cold weather. In the winter you can find Jeff Gabelman(Me) going stir crazy waiting for winter to end and spring to begin. Big, big things will be happening this upcoming year because everything is starting to mature out.

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants

And this place is gonna look great next year. It’s amazing to me how this place is transforming into a rain forest type feel. I get stuck back there and never want to leave the groves. But my buddy Mr. skunk has already warned me several times today to clear out so I just figured. I would take a break. Having ponds all around means you will see an occasional skunk or two but they usually move on in few weeks. And they don’t really bother anybody(just stink). They keep to themselves and I keep to mine. I certainly would never provoke a skunk.

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants Sale Buy Today

Anyways if you’re looking for a great shade plant then consider cold hardy bamboo plants. They provide me with plenty of shade in an area that was full sun. I have a shade tunnel that I like to stand under to cool down. That’s when it pulls me in. I can’t stop staring in amazement at how each bamboo is different in it’s own way. All beautiful even the gray. Black to red, from yellow to green. Some with striped leaves some with striped canes. But never ever just the same. Check out my other posts about growing bamboo in zone 6. Get Your jungle started today and enjoy our 2 year guarantee. And if You buy From Me through PayPal today. I will send You one of our choice cold hardy bamboo plants for Free. So buy One Get One FREE! Right Here Right Now!

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants Sale

Cold Hardy Bamboo Plants Sale

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